Restoration Services

Restoration of garments is art that bring back your damage clothes into wearable condition. Damage is done by number of hazards like fire, water, or any casualty while washing. Good news is that now dry cleaners provide many solutions to restore your clothes, but you may first call for assistance from any professional restoration personnel that whether your piece of cloth that you are going to restore worth it or not mean is it cost effective or not. Restoration for your antique and vintage clothes is little bit more difficult than casual dresses.

In antique dresses restoration is possible if you preserved your dress safely. To restore its original color, molds, damaged zips, loose hems and buttons are key areas in restoration. For vintage clothes like your wedding dress that you store for long time and when require to be dressed on any occasion molds and odor is their definitely a problem for you and then you will need restoration of that dress from dry cleaners. Restoration bring high value for all those garments that you think obsolete after a particular time facing problems like faded colors and too much odor. Dry cleaners help you out in any case like this and any other issues like mildew stain too. In any case you need dry cleaners help to restore your damage clothes come to us at one price dry cleaners Fort Myers, Cape Coral or any of our outlet.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our restoration services at one price dry cleaning. Our experts deliver best services in restoration of your clothes both for house and business sectors with unbeatable prices. Our special team is expert in restoration of all kinds of clothes specially bedding comforters, area rugs blankets, wedding gowns, formal wear and so on. Whether your clothes damage by smoke, odor, mold water or fire damage or any sort of mishap feel free to contact us, our staff will be happy to answer any question you might have. Another best part of our company is that we accept all insurance claims and independent insurance adjuster as well to provide hassle free service with finest customer service. Just bring your insurance company information along insurance claim of your damaged garments to us and then we will handle your claim with your insurance provider.